Maserati of Bologna: The places where the Trident’s myth was born

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Author: Francisco Giordano

Translator: Laura Pettazzoni

Number of Pages: 144

ISBN: 979-8426144859

The book recalls the history of the Maserati company under a new perspective.
It consists of a thorough examination of the original settlements of the legendary car manufacturer founded in Bologna and the locations where the first Maserati cars, their bodies, engines and the various mechanical components which left their mark on the history of motoring, were designed and assembled. It is the story of the memories of its protagonists and of the people who participated with enthusiasm and admiration in the Trident’s unforgettable triumphs.
This research enables us to reconnect some missing threads and to correct many inaccuracies and mistakes. We are the first to identify the original Maserati headquarters in via De’ Pepoli and to describe the first race of Alfieri in Bologna, the branch of the Isotta Fraschini, the establishment of the 
S.A. Officine Alfieri Maserati, the arrival in Bologna of a long series of eminents figures and italian foreign racers, and the tests on the Futa.
It is the story of an Italian excellence made in Bologna, at the Pontevecchio neighborhood, as it is well-known all over the world and as explained in detail by this volume.
This publication made use of the collaboration of Eng. Alfieri Maserati, who is the son of one of the founder members of the brand.
This book is also a multimedia book, some QR codes provide the reader with a link to some old video clips coming from the 
Istituto Luce Cinecittà YouTube channel.

Francisco Giordano, who curated the exhibition for the Centenary of Maserati at the Archivio Storico Municipale in Bologna, has already published a book about the territory of Pontevecchio and a work that deals with the Maserati’s settlement in Bologna: he had various conferences about this topic too. He encouraged the naming of a square dedicated to the OSCA, in San Lazzaro di Savena. He is a freelance architect, he mainly deals with the recovery of historic buildings, with the conservative restoration of monumental complexes and with refurbishments. He is the author of various volumes and essays concerning the historical events about buildings and monuments in Bologna.