R. Palumbo, E. Filippone, A. Vitale, G. Duca


Recognizing that the General Aviation will play a growing role in the development of transportation of people in the coming decades, the GRADE project aims at demonstrating that the exploitation of the GNSS technology could allow GA aircraft to perform advanced precision approach procedures thus facilitating their integration with commercial aviation and improving current airport operations. In particular, based on SBAS and GBAS technologies, affordable avionics equipment are rested in the GRADE project to support the execution of approach paths to runways that use radius-to-fix and continuous descent procedures, The project plans to achieve is aim by carrying out real-time simulations with human (pilots and air traffic controllers) and hardware in the loop, and by carrying out flight trials using a suitable equipped experimental aircraft. the paper will discuss the results achieved in the already performed real-time simulations, together with details about the performed procedures. the technological solutions and the real-time test facility used for the tests carried out so far. The preliminarily analysis confirms that the proposed solutions for Gd will positively impact airport capacityy and environmental friendliness of air transport in Europe, without negatively affecting safety and human performance.


general aviation, GNSS-based Navigation, TMA operations, Human-in-the-Loop simulation



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