Rodolfo Valentino: Actor, Star, Sex symbol

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Author: Leonardo Bragaglia

Translator: Anna Lain

Number of Pages: 90

ISBN: 979-8364251688

As it happens in a fairy tale… The myth of Rodolfo Valentino and the customs that he – the “most beautiful man in the world” – provoked during his life and after his death are analysed in this precious book by Leonardo Bragaglia. The gentle personality of “Rudy”, his refined elegance, the taste for beauty, music, dance, poetry and literature have elected him as the best among the actors. Even today. The book contains a collection of Valentino’s poems, an accurate biography, a complete appendix of films and an extraordinary sequence of pictures leading the reader to discover Valentino’s artistic talent, which was often overlooked because of his beauty.

Leonardo Bragaglia was born in Rome on the 9th of November 1932. He is actor, director and dramatic essayist. He began his career acting with Vittorio De Sica, Totò, Anna Magnani, Nino Manfredi under the direction of Carlo Lodovico Bragaglia. He made his debut in theatre with Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s company in the Ridotto of Venice with Memo Benassi. He attended the Dramatic Art Academy Silvio D’Amico where he gained the scholarship in the first place with Glauco Mauri. After having interpreted Goldoni and Molière in the company of Antonio Ganduso he became the pupil of Lamberto Picasso acting with him for more than one hundred performances of Henry IV of Pirandello. He signed the direction of Giorni di Verità with Riccardo Bacchelli. Among the directions for theatre and radio he directed actors such as Paola Borboni, Massimo D’Apporto, Elsa Merlini, Mario Scaccia, Wanda Capodaglio, Elena Zareschi, Lia Zoppelli. He is the author of more than forty books like Shakespeare in Italia, Memo Benassi un grande attore diverso, Ritratti d’attore and Maria Callas, L’arte dello stupore edited by Persiani Editore in which he directs the series about entertainment. He his also co-director of “Ermete Novelli” award and artistic director of Cines.